A DiviMenus add-on that brings the coolest Social Sharing buttons to Divi!

The Social Sharing add-on

👉 NEW! DiviMenus Sharing 1.1 

DiviMenus Sharing

Convert Menu Items into Social Sharing Buttons to share your Posts on the main Social Networks by using DiviMenus!

Buffer, Email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, Pinterest, Telegram, Tumblr, Twitter and WhatsApp.

DiviMenus Sharing, unlike most Social Sharing buttons, does not offer predefined buttons designs (no matter how many) because we don’t need them! 

We do offer DiviMenus to customize your Sharing Buttons. That is, you can use social buttons bars, but also vertical and circular ones.

You can use icons, custom images or text as content. You can even add titles. And most importantly, you can customize all these elements because you are using DiviMenus (e.g. alignment, text colors, backgrounds, hovers, buttons visibility, responsiveness, EVERYTHING).

Get the most out of your favorite module and design Social Sharing Buttons as never before!

Learn more about DiviMenus Sharing in our documentation.

DiviMenus Sharing Settings

DiviMenus Sharing will allow you to customize the share URL, the share title and the share message.

Learn more about the Social Sharing settings in our documentation.

“DiviMenus Sharing” adds the “Share” option to DiviMenus:

Convert Menu Items into Social Sharing Buttons

DiviMenus Sharing adds the Share Link Type that allows you to share your posts and pages on social networks and get more traffic to your website. Try it below!

Share this!

The DiviMenu module below includes 2 Menu Items with 2 different Link Types: Popup (it triggers any layour from your Divi Library) and Share (it adds the Social Sharing option!).

Click & Share!

DiviMenus Sharing or Monarch?

These are some advantages of using DiviMenus Sharing over Monarch:

  • Divimenus Sharing is easier to use, does not create tables in your WordPress database, it is faster and more lightweight.
  • 100% customizable buttons. Feel free to design awesome social buttons since you can design them from a DiviMenu.
  • The buttons are not restricted to only share: you can design “mixed social bars” that includes social sharin buttons along with other Link Types buttons (URL, Popup, Show, Sub).
  • Compatible with WhatsApp and Email.
  • Compatible with the Divi Theme Builder, so you can control where to display the social buttons.

GDPR Compliant

DiviMenus Sharing is fully compatible with the European General Data Protection (GDPR).

The share buttons are actually DiviMenus Items, and as such, they are made with plain code and use custom text, custom images or custom icons (from the Elegant Themes and Font Awesome Icon Fonts) to render their content.

DiviMenus Sharing does not collect anything from the user, it only shares WordPress posts by using an official URL share link, provided by the social networks API.


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