Share your Posts and Media Links using DiviMenus!

Share with DiviMenus!

DiviMenus Sharing

Now you will be able to share your Posts on the main Social Networks by using DiviMenus!

Email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and WhatsApp.

“DiviMenus Sharing” adds the “Share” option to the Menu Items Link Type field. Can you imagine?

There are no limits! Get the most out of your favorite module and design Social Menus as never before: Use Circular, Vertical or Horizontal shapes, Customize your social Icons and Images, etc.

DiviMenus Sharing + On Media

Share Blog posts, Portfolio projects or WooCommerce products, just by clicking on the Share button placed over the Thumbnails.

If you place the DiviMenu on any Image (you need DiviMenus On Media), the plugin will share the Image Link URL (Media Link) instead of the current post URL

This is extremely useful for sharing Posts from Images, not from the Post itself!


“DiviMenus Sharing” adds the “Share” option to DiviMenus:

DiviMenus module

“DiviMenus Sharing” adds the Share option to the Menu Item Link Type field so that you can use your Menu Items to share content on the main Social Networks:

The DiviMenu above has been made with “DiviMenus Sharing”. The Menu Items show the different options that are included. Click on them and Try it for yourself!

Use on Pages

In this example we are using the “DiviMenus Sharing” Add-on in order to add the Social Sharing option to this Vertical DiviMenu with 2 Icons on this page.

How It's Made


  • Shape: Vertical
  • Menu Button: Icon
  • Menu Items: 2 Icons
    • Link Type:
      • Popup
      • Share
        • ALL

Use on Blog

In this example we are using the “DiviMenus Sharing” Add-on in order to add the Social Sharing option to this Horizontal DiviMenu with 3 Icons when Hovering over the Blog Thumbnails.

How It's Made


  • Shape: Horizontal
  • Menu Button: Hidden
  • Menu Items: 3 Icons
    • Link Type:
      • Open in Lightbox
      • Open Media Link
      • Share
        • ALL

Blog > Overlay > DM On Media

  • Display: Hover
  • DiviMenu Location: Middle Center

DiviMenus Sharing or Monarch?

Depending on what you want to achieve, you could also be interested in “DiviMenus Sharing” for 3 main reasons:

  • Feel free to design awesome social icons (even with your own images) since you can design them from a DiviMenu.
  • Share your content also via WhatsApp and Email.
  • Show your social icons also on Thumbnails of Blog and Portolio modules, so you can share those posts without opening them.


Invent new ways to access your content.