DiviMenus - $49

A powerful menu builder that brings the coolest designs and popups to Divi!

Floating - $9

Choose the Pages and the Location to float your DiviMenus!

Sharing - $9

Share your Posts and Media Links using DiviMenus!

On Media - $9

Display DiviMenus on Images & Videos to add stunning Media options!

DiviSignatures - $29

Design Email Signatures with Divi and paste them into your Mail Settings!



Check out these awesome layouts. Already a DonDivi user? Download them from your account area!

Extra Tools

DonDivi plugins also include Exclusive Extra Tools to help you. Save money and forget additional plugins!

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We create premium tools for improving your creativity and simplifying the way to design stunning websites.

Special Offers!

DiviMenus & Family - $69

This stunning Bundle includes the DiviMenus module and its 3 new Add-ons:
Floating + Sharing + On Media.


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A powerful menu builder that brings the coolest designs and popups to Divi!

Simply Awesome.



Still making boring menus? Lead visitors with eye-catching items, buttons, popups… Add DiviMenus to your page and boost your content engagement!

What is a DiviMenu?

A DiviMenu is a Divi module that allows you to design stunning Visual Menus with ease to show and access any content anywhere.

All in just one module, Fully customizable!

DiviMenu Shape

A DiviMenu can be: Circular, Horizontal and Vertical.

Parts of a DiviMenu

It consists of 3 parts: Menu Button, Menu Items and Titles.

Menu Button:

  • Use Icon, Image or Text
  • Show / Hide / Disable it

Menu Items:

  • Use Icons, Images or Texts
  • Show / Hide / Disable them
  • Use them as Links (URL, Popup, Show)


  • Show / Hide / Disable them
  • Place them around each Menu Item

Multiple Designs!

Multiple Link Types!


Open destinations URL. You can add dynamic content here, such as your existing WordPress post and pages!



Open any Layout from your Divi Library as a Popup over your content!



Show / Hide any element on your current post or page just by clicking your Menu Items!


Want more Link Types?

Install “On Media” and “Sharing” Add-ons and they will be added to the Link Type Dropdown menu!

🤍 On Media
🤍 Sharing


The Game Changer.


The shape you need.

DiviMenus allows you to create circular, horizontal and vertical menus.


Icon, Image or Text.

You can choose any type of content for your Menu Button and Menu Items.


Custom Border Radius.

Circle, Rounded, Square? Customize each angle of your DiviMenus.


Define Links individually.

The best way to navigate. Choose a different Link Type for each Menu Item.

Power your links up!

“Probably one of the most powerful Divi modules to design new kinds of beautiful menus”

🧡 Don't call them Menus, they are DiviMenus!

DiviMenus does not render WordPress menus. Instead, it is a powerful Divi module with tons of options that allows you to create the coolest designs. Actually, you can use it as either a menu, a grid, a custom layout creator, a button inside an image or video, a social sharing tool, a filter tool that shows and hide page elements, or even a popup or banner generator.


Possibilities are almost endless, and everything from just one Module!

YouTube Playlist

40+ Short Videos to inspire your next Design!

Want more reasons?



Invent new ways to access your content.

DiviMenu is not a Menu
DiviMenus is aimed at Designers who want to go one step further because they think that a Menu can be more than just an index or a web map. That is why we say that a DiviMenu is not a Menu.
DiviMenus is Creativity

Add as many DiviMenus as you want directly to your pages to enhance your content.

Get the most out of the Menu Items of each DiviMenu since they will allow you to:

  • Open Layouts from your Divi Library as Popups. You can use Modules, Rows, Sections and Layouts. (For example, you can open a Video module or a Layout like MegaMenu)
  • Open any of your Pages or Posts using the useful Divi “Dynamic Content” feature.
  • Link external URLs or internal Anchor Links.

And now, thanks to its 3 new Add-ons: Floating, Sharing and On Media, you will be able to add new Link types such as:

  • Show DiviMenus on Images and Videos of any Divi module to offer new options: Open in Lightbox, Open Media Link and Download Media File.
  • Share your Posts by Email or Social Networks using DiviMenus.
  • Show DiviMenus on the Thumbnails of modules such as Gallery, Blog, Portfolio or Shop to directly Share each Image, Post, Project or Product.

Discover here some more ideas of everything you can do with DiviMenus!

DiviMenus is Design
  • Make your DiviMenus Circular, Semicircular, Horizontal and Vertical.
  • Design square or round Menu Items with Icons, Images and Texts.
  • Show Titles next to your Menu Items.
  • Make your DiviMenus extendable with Collapse effect, or show them always open.

Check out the Documentation to see all that DiviMenus has to offer!

DiviMenus is Responsive
  • DiviMenus is fully responsive and you can adjust different settings for your Menu Items on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.
  • You can also use Divi’s Transform, Visibility and Overflow fields to reduce, hide, or add a scroll.

Discover below some responsive layouts created with DiviMenus!



Combine DiviMenus with Divi and get incredible results.

With Divi Modules

Thanks to its 3 new Add-ons Floating, Sharing and On Media, you can use DiviMenus even inside other modules!

These are just some incredible examples:

  • Place DiviMenus on Images and Videos of any Divi module to offer new options: Open in Lightbox, Open Media Link and Download Media File.
  • Show DiviMenus on Thumbnails of modules such as Gallery, Blog, Portfolio or Shop to directly Share each Image, Post or Product.
With Visual Builder

All DiviMenus settings are 100% customizable from Visual Builder, so you can check the result while designing it.

DiviMenus fully integrates with all Divi fields and functions you already know about. (Copy-Paste, Extend Styles,…)

With Divi Library

The Divi Library is your great ally!

  • Save your DiviMenus in the Divi Library. Then you can use them as Floating DiviMenus on your pages, or as DiviMenus On Media on your Images.
  • Save your Popups in the Divi Library to choose them later as Link Type of your Menu Items.
  • Use the exclusive “Layouts Shortodes” Add-on included in DiviMenus, to “paste” the shortcode of any Layout from your Divi Library into other Divi Modules. For example, you can paste a Video within a Toggle, or different Layouts within each Tab of the Tabs module.
With Elegant Themes

DonDivi Loves Divi.

DiviMenus is stable and robust, it is developed by DonDivi from scratch following the Divi API and all the recommendations from Elegant Themes.

Furthermore, DiviMenus is constantly updated to guarantee maximum compatibility with Divi and all its modules.

DonDivi is the first Spanish partner of Elegant Themes, and DiviMenus has been part of its Black Friday 2019 campaign reaching thousands of users. Thank you!



Create almost everything you imagine from 1 single module.

Less is More

DiviMenus is only 1 Divi module, but it includes so many options that you can forget about many plugins and snippets, improving your economy and your website performance.

And do you know the best thing?

DiviMenus is constantly updated, so stay tuned because very soon we will launch even more features!

Some usage ideas

Do you want to know some of the things you can achieve with DiviMenus and its 3 extensions Floating, Sharing and On Media?

You can use DiviMenus for:  

  • Tooltips & Popups
  • Contact & Social Sharing
  • Media: Image, Video, Files
  • Miscellany

Discover some cases by opening the toggles below. Possibilities are almost endless!

Tooltips & Popups
  • MegaMenus: Design a Layout in your Divi Library using modules like Sidebar, Menu, Blurbs … and open it as a Popup!
  • Info Popups: Open Popups with additional information or notices.
  • Opt-in Popup: Open Popups with a Contact Form or Newsletter.
  • Image Hotspots: Add Icons on an Image to trigger Popups with Additional Information.
  • Timelines, Cycles, Processes: Use DiviMenus to show various steps or stages.
  • Tooltips: Add Tooltips with additional information anywhere on your page.
Contact & Social Sharing
  • Contact Bar: Add a DiviMenu with Icons of your Social Networks, Telephone and Email.
  • Whatsapp Button: Add a Floating Button to open your chat.
  • Social Sharing Bar: Share your Posts by Email or Social Networks using DiviMenus.
  • Sharing Buttons on Thumbnails: Use DiviMenus on the Thumbnails of modules such as Gallery, Blog, Portfolio or Shop to directly Share each Image, Post, Project or Product, without opening them.
Media: Image, Video, Files
  • Video Popups: Open Videos in Lightbox.
  • Custom Play Icon: Replace the default icon of your videos.
  • Download Media: Add Icons on Images or Files to download them.
  • Icons on Thumbnails: Use DiviMenus in a Gallery, Blog, Portfolio or Shop Module, to Download the Image, Open it in Lightbox, Show any Badge or Text, Open a Contact Form, Link to your Media Link (Post, Product …)
  • Apps: Design the mobile version of your website as an App.
  • Filters: Use DiviMenus to show Images of the same Category.
  • Layouts Shortcodes: “Paste” a Video in a Toggle, or different Layouts in each Tab of the Tabs module.

Creativity is limitless.

Suscribe today to DiviMenus annual license and enjoy probably one of the best Divi plugin ever for web designers. DiviMenus is the missing piece, an all-in-one Divi module with all these features:

  • Expanding Menus with Icons, Images or Text.
  • Collapse Circular, Horizontal or Vertical Menus.
  • Create Links or trigger your Layouts as Popups!
  • Show / Hide any element on your page with 1 click.
  • Make your Menu Items Circle, Rounded or Square.
  • Add Menus anywhere: Header, Body or Footer.
  • 100% Customizable design.
  • Fully Compatible with Divi and Visual Builder.

Exclusive Extra Tools!

Workflow Improvement

DonDivi plugins also include Exclusive Extra Tools. Save money and forget additional plugins!

Copy & Paste

Generate Shortcodes of your Layouts and paste them into other Divi modules! Boost your creativity!


Move Faster

Inserts a quick link to the Visual Builder below the titles of your pages, posts and... yes, Layouts!

DiviMenus & Family.

Now you can also add even more functionality to DiviMenus with these 3 new stunning Add-ons:

🤍 Floating

🤍 Sharing

🤍 On Media