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Use Divi to design amazing Email Signatures for Freelancers & Teams! Just Copy & Paste them with 1 click into your Mail settings. Ready?

Design, Copy and Paste.

Email Clients

Design Email Signatures with DiviSignatures and use them on the most popular Email Clients:

  • Apple Mail
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Mail for Windows
  • Gmail
  • Gmail App
  • Thunderbird

Freelancers & Teams.

Email Signatures for Freelancers & Teams

Create from 1 single to multiple email signatures, either for Freelancers or Team Members in an Organization. Design easily signatures with common elements such as the logo, contact info, social networks… Then edit personal data for each member: photo, email, telephone…

Fully Customizable!

Use the Demo Signatures below!

Click the “Copy” button and paste it into the signature editor at your Mail Settings.

Freelance Demo


Andy Roach

CEO Founder



Team Demo


Andy Roach

CEO Founder



Emma Skolnik

Operations Director



Peter Sing

Design Director



Olivia Ronk

Development Manager



Introducing DiviSignatures

1. Design your Signature

Start designing from scratch, take advantage of premade layouts, and customize every detail!

2. Setup your Signature

Click the “Copy” button and paste it into the signature editor at your Email Client!

3. Create Team Signatures

Use the Members Directory and design quickly signatures with common elements!

Introducing the Members Directory!

DiviSignatures includes a Members Directory and also a Search Bar so you can quickly find the signature you need by typing any name.

Customize every detail using Divi!

Tahe advantage of using your favorite Builder to design beautiful Email Signatures with ease from your own website. You can take control of absolutelly every element:

  • 1 /2 column premade layouts
  • Add Photo, Logo, Social Icons, Dividers…
  • Add Links to any element
  • Add Copy & Download Buttons
  • Anything is possible!

Want more details?

Your New Branding Service.

Designing a company website?

Surprise your client with a new service: Design team signatures and store them online so they can manage them.

Just share the URL to copy and paste each signature into their email client settings.

You can also include there some info and other corporate elements such as logos, fonts, colors…

An email signature is a great opportunity to carry across corporate branding into email communication, by including the company logo, and messaging that reflects your business.

Welcome to a new professional Branding service!

Password Protect your Signatures!

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