DiviMenus - $49

A powerful menu builder that brings the coolest designs and popups to Divi!

Floating DiviMenus

Floating - $9

Choose the Pages and the Location to float your DiviMenus!

Sharing DiviMenus

Sharing - $9

Share your Posts and Media Links using DiviMenus!

DiviMenus On Media

On Media - $9

Display DiviMenus on Images & Videos to add stunning Media options!


DiviSignatures - $19

Design Email Signatures with Divi and paste them into your Mail Settings!


DiviPasswords - $9

Password Protect sections, rows, columns and modules with Divi!



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Extra Tools

DonDivi plugins also include Exclusive Extra Tools to help you. Save money and forget additional plugins!


About us

We create premium tools for improving your creativity and simplifying the way to design stunning websites.

Special Bundle!

DiviMenus & Family

DiviMenus & Family - $69

This stunning Bundle includes the DiviMenus module and its 3 new Add-ons:
Floating + Sharing + On Media.


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Are you offering Lifetime Licenses?

We’re not planning on selling Lifetime Licenses in the near future but will revisit it as soon as we have the capability!
We do currently sell Annual Licenses following the Elegant Themes Marketplace policy.

I built a website for a client, will the plugin still work when the Annual License expires? And what happens if my client decides to stop my web maintenance service first?

We develop plugins, but sell Annual Licenses to guarantee our premium service to every customer:

  • Unlimited Website Usage
  • 30 Day Money-back Guarantee
  • 1 Year Support & Updates

When installing any of our plugins on your website you must activate its License in order to receive automatic updates and technical support for 1 year. (Note that products purchased from The Divi Marketplace will work under your current Divi License, so no additional license is required).

But of course once that period expires, our plugin will continue to work although it will no longer receive updates. This could lead to a possible conflict with other plugins or themes as they are being updated while ours is not.

Therefore, we can only guarantee an optimal performance and also our premium service while that License is “active”.

You could consider it like any other Service similar to ET, which you must renew annually so that all your products (Divi, etc.) are kept updated and working perfectly on your client’s website.

One of the advantages of buying Plugins or Extensions through the official “The Divi Marketplace” is that once you install these products on your client’s website, they will all work under the same Elegant Themes API.

On this matter, Elegant Themes offers you something truly useful: Divi API Keys. Instead of using your own API on all your clients’ websites, you can assign a unique API key to each website from your Elegant Themes API Dashboard, so if your client decides stop your maintenance plan at some stage in the future, you can easily disable Elegant Themes product updates without accessing that site itself.
From that moment on, then your client should acquire their own Elegant Themes API in case they want to receive new updates.

Finally, if you have any additional questions about the Marketplace, please contact the ET Support Team.

We also recommend you to check out this good post by Craig Longmuir.

Is there a free version to try first by chance?

We do not offer Lite / Free versions of our products. They are only available in its Premium version which includes all features because we think it is the best way for you to get to know the full power of our awesome tools.
Anyway, You have also a 30-day money back guarantee, so if you are not satisfied we will refund your money.

Do I need “DiviMenus” plugin in order to let “Floating”, “Sharing” or “On Media” add-ons work?

Yes. DiviMenus is required in order to have Floating, Sharing and On Media working.
The DiviMenus plugin is a Divi Module which includes incredible features out of the box, but you can also make it even more powerful by adding 3 incredible Add-ons.
Floating, Sharing and On Media plugins are Add-ons for DiviMenus and require DiviMenus to be pre-installed since each of them adds a different functionality.

Getting Support & Layouts

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Importing DonDivi Layouts: Please watch the video and follow the steps there.

The Divi Marketplace

I have purchased through Elegant Themes Marketplace, how do I activate the License?

Products purchased from The Divi Marketplace will work under your current Divi License, so no additional license is required. Just install your plugin, activate it and start using it!

When you buy a DonDivi product, you can use it forever and on as many websites as you want. However, you will only receive our support and updates for 1 year. Once your license expires, you will need to renew your purchase on Elegant Themes to receive updates and support again. This is similar to how Elegant Themes sells its products, and should be familiar to all Divi customers.

The only difference between the “Divi Marketplace” version and the “DonDivi version” on our site is the License key.

Nothing to worry about!


More info:


I only see a limited amount of fonts. How do I access all the default Divi fonts?

“DiviMenus” module uses monospace fonts for the Text Menu Items. This way we can offer you lots of options (paddings, distances, sizes, etc.) to customize your DiviMenu. We strongly recommend that you stick with these fonts. Please, keep in mind that all Divi fonts can be used for the Menu Item Titles* Of course, you can use custom CSS to override any fonts.

“DiviMenus Flex” module, available since DiviMenus 2.0., includes all Divi fonts.

*Please watch this video:

> Use Any Font on “Text” Menu Items: Use “Titles” instead


Does DiviMenus render WordPress menus?

DiviMenus does not render WordPress menus (i.e. menus created in Appearance > Menus). Instead, it is a powerful menu builder that allows you to create the coolest designs for Divi.

Can I add sublevels to a DiviMenu?

This is not possible to add the default WordPress sublevels because we are using Divi modules to render Menu Items instead of WordPress menus, but of course you can recreate them by using the Show Link type and also the new Sub Link type included with “DiviMenus Flex” module, available since DiviMenus 2.0.

DiviMenus “Sharing”

Is Instagram supported?
Unfortunately, we do not support Instagram share and the reason is because of their terms of service on their API. Instagram users are only allowed to post images owned by the account owner which means that random visitors on someone’s site are not allowed to share that site’s images without written permission from the image rights owner.
As soon as Instagram decides to change this policy and provides sharing endpoints, then we will add them to our services.


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