Choose the Pages and the Location to float your DiviMenus!

Make it Float!

Display globally, Edit locally.


  • DiviMenus Admin Page: Display a global Floating DiviMenu on All your Pages, Specific Categories, Search Results, 404 Page, etc.
  • Meta box: Hide, Replace or Relocate a DiviMenu from a single Post or Page, by using the Floating DiviMenus meta box.

Full control from outside Visual Builder.

No Floating DiviMenu will bother you when editing a page from Visual Builder!

The main advantage of Floating DiviMenus is that you can add them to your pages without entering them, since as you know any floating element within Visual Builder makes it difficult to select and edit other modules on the page.

Example 1
DiviMenu with just 1 Menu Item floating on a Product Category

Example 2
DiviMenu with 6 Menu Items floating on a Product Category

The Floating DiviMenus Settings

Floating DiviMenus Settings Page

Display 1 Floating DiviMenu simultaneously on All your Pages, Specific Categories, Search Results, 404 Page, etc.


Select a DiviMenu from your Divi Library to make it float over the content. You can select a different DiviMenu for each device (Desktop, Tablet, Phone). For example, you may choose an horizontal DiviMenu for Desktop and a semicircular DiviMenu for Mobile.

Use On

Display your DiviMenu on:

Archive | Category

PRODUCTS (WooCommerce)
Archive | Category

Search Results | 404 Page


Customize it for each device!

Left | Center | Right

Left | Center | Right

Left | Center | Right

NEW! Hide On Page Scroll

Enter an offset value in pixels (e.g. 100px) if you want to hide the DiviMenu after a page scroll offset. Leave empty in case you don’t want this effect to be applied. Learn more.

LTB - Hiding a Floating DiviMenu on Page Scroll800

Floating DiviMenus Meta Box

You can also overwrite the General Settings from the Meta Box that you will find editing each page!

Everything is possible from the Floating DiviMenus Meta Box!

  • Do you want to hide your Floating DiviMenu on a specific page?
  • Do you want to show a different DiviMenu there?
  • Do you prefer to position it in another location on Phone devices?
Floating DiviMenus Metabox

Demo Videos

Check out these videos to learn more about everything you can achieve by adding this incredible Add-on to your DiviMenus module.

Video 1

Floating DiviMenus – Getting Started

  • Design a DiviMenu
  • Save it into your Divi Library
  • Go to the Floating DiviMenus Settings Page
  • Select the previously saved DiviMenu and Choose the Pages and the Location where you want it to be displayed.
  • You can Override this General Settins for a Specific Page from the Floating DiviMenus Meta Box located on “Edit Page”.
  • In order to separate your Floating DiviMenu from the screen borders, go to DiviMenus -> Design Tab > Spacing > Margin.
Video 2

Introducing Floating DiviMenus

  • Replicate the DonDivi “Academy” layout and keep learning!
  • Happy building!
Video 3

How to Display 1 Floating DiviMenu on a Product Category and Replace it on a Specific Product.

  • We have 2 DiviMenus stored in our Divi Library: “30%” and “Coming Soon”.
  • From the Floating DiviMenus Settings Page we want the DiviMenu “30%” to be displayed on the Products Category “Watches” and the Single Products pages.
  • We edit the “Watch 3” Product, go to the Floating DiviMenus Meta Box and replace the DiviMenu “Default” by the DiviMenu “Coming Soon”.