Creating a Curtain Opening Animation

Reveal remarkably your page content!
Follow these steps to recreate this animation and reveal any content of your page in a stunning way with a curtain opening effect or an automatic sliding doors effect…

Just customize the design to your liking! You can add shadows to the columns, change the background color… Enjoy it!

Paste this into Row → Advanced → Main Element:
display: flex;
Paste this into Row → Left Column → Advanced → CSS Class:
Paste this into Row → Right Column → Advanced → CSS Class:
Paste this into Page Settings → Advanced → Custom CSS:
.et_pb_column_empty {display: block!important;}
.rtl {animation: rtl <strong>5s</strong> linear forwards;}
.ltr {animation: ltr <strong>5s</strong> linear forwards;}

@keyframes rtl {
0% {left: 0;}
100% {left: -100%;}
@keyframes ltr {
0% {left: 0;}
100% {left: 100%;}

Customize the animation speed by adjusting the value of 5s to your liking. In this case, 5 seconds is the time it takes for the curtain to fully open.

🥳 That’s it!

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