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Adding a Shopping Cart with Item Count

How to easily add a Shopping Cart to your DiviMenu

Add the Shopping Cart Yourself!


In this tutorial we are going to use DiviMenus Flex to add a WooCommerce Shopping Cart that also displays the item count to your DiviMenu.

For that purpose, firstly, make sure that WooCommerce is installed and activated; and secondly, reproduce these following simple steps.

Add a DiviMenu Flex to the page

Choose the DiviMenus Flex module from the modules list.

Add a Menu Item

Once you have selected the DiviMenus Flex module, click on Add New Menu Item and type Cart.

We are customizing the Menu Item style for this example, but you can leave it as is and move on to the next step.

Also, we are adding other Menu Items to the DiviMenu for the sake of this example.

Select either the icon or the image option

If the Menu Item content is either an icon or an image, then a new toggle called Shopping Cart will appear in the Content Tab.

Enable the Is Cart field

Now, we have easily converted the Menu Item into a Shopping Cart!

Leave the eCommerce Platform field as is

This will use the WooCommerce cart. As of DiviMenus 2.15, you can use the Easy Digital Downloads cart as well.

Enable the Show Item Count field

This will show the cart item count. If the cart is refreshed, the cart item count will be automatically updated accordingly.

🥳 That’s it!

Feel free to customize the cart.

Apart from showing the cart item count, you can choose if you want to hide it when the cart is empty.

Likewise, you can customize the cart styles. Please, check out the Shopping Cart documentation to learn more about the styling. That is, the Menu Item style, the item count text color, the circle background color, etc.

We will be adding tutorials on the Shopping Cart and other features every now and then. Please, check our website and subscribe to our YouTube channel for upcoming updates!

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