Creating a Social Sharing Button

How to design a Social Sharing button with DiviMenus Sharing.

Create this Button Yourself!


In this tutorial we are going to use DiviMenus Sharing to create a Twitter Sharing button.

For that purpose, please reproduce the following simple steps.

Add a DiviMenu

We are choosing the DiviMenus Flex module for this example, but you can choose the DiviMenus module as well.

Add a Menu Item

Click on Add New Menu Item and type Twitter in the Title field.

Next, customize the button content or leave it as is. We are placing a Twitter icon to the left of the Twitter text.

Change the Link Type to Share

Now, you have converted the Menu Item into a Twitter Button!

Choose Twitter

You can see in the video all the available social networks.

Set the Sharing Options (Optional)

For this example we have only set the Twitter username that will be appended to the tweet.

Feel free to customize the URL, title and message that you want to share and you will be done.

🥳 That’s it!

DiviMenus Sharing is terrifically easy to use!

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