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A powerful menu builder that brings the coolest designs and popups to Divi!

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Share your Posts and Media Links using DiviMenus!

On Media - $9

Display DiviMenus on Images & Videos to add stunning Media options!

DiviSignatures - $29

Design Email Signatures with Divi and paste them into your Mail Settings!



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Introducing DiviSignatures

1. Design your Signature

Start designing from scratch, take advantage of premade layouts, and customize every detail!

2. Setup your Signature

Click the “Copy” button and paste it into the signature editor at your Email Client!

3. Create Team Signatures

Use the Members Directory and design quickly signatures with common elements!


In order to install this plugin, you must first purchase a membership to Elegant Themes and download the Divi Theme.

If you have purchased DiviSignatures at DonDivi, you will receive an email with the download link and your license key.

Install your new plugin & Activate your License Key

  • Install the ZIP file into your website and Activate it.
  • Introduce your License Key at DonDivi > Licenses and Activate it.
  • Use the Check License button whenever you want to check the status of your License.


This module allows you to create Mail Signatures using the Divi Builder.

Creating a signature is quite straightforward and only requires three simple steps.

1. DESIGN. Design your signature by using the Divi Builder.

2. COPY. Copy your signature to the clipboard by clicking the Copy Button.

3. PASTE. Paste it into your email client.

It’s that easy!


Members Directory

Here you can choose whether you prefer to display all the signatures in a row, or by the contrary, you prefer to display a single signature per member (by choosing the Members Directory option).

In case you want to use the directory, this module ships with a search bar to filter members by their name.

Copy Button

This button copies the the signature to the clipboard so that you can paste it directly on your email client. 

Download Button

This button downloads the signature as a HTML file

Unlike other tools, you don’t need to do that to paste the signature to the email client. You can just use the copy button and voilà!


This module comes with a rule to help us to determine the actual signature width when on a email client.

This is important when using large images or long words, to ensure that the signature width is smaller than the screen size.

We recommend you not to include images bigger than 300px width.


Here you can add to the signature the member information, such as their name, position or company. Take into account that you can add the position and the company for all the members from the main module; the name was added when creating new members.

You can also hide the member name and their photo. That way we create common signatures.

A common signature can be used by member that work in the same company (coworkers), it can be also be used by members who belong to an university deparment (professors). Those are some examples of use of the common signatures.

The value entered in the field Name will be displayed in the Members Directory to identify the common signature template.

Photo and Logo

Here you can add the member(s) logo to all the signatures / specific signatures.

The member photo must be added inside the member signature.


Here you can add the member(s) contact information to all the signatures / specific signatures. 


Here you can add social icons to all the signatures / specific signatures. Those icons will link to the member social profiles.

In order to add a social icon to the signature, just input the social URL (username, email, phone or otherwise, depending on the social profile) and make sure the entered value is correct. For example:


dondiviplugins (invalid URL) -> should be:


612345677 (invalid number) -> should include the country code: 34612345677

Same for Behance, GitHub, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Skype, Twitter, Vimeo and YouTube.

Of course, you can style these icons, choose their shape and even their colors.


Here you can choose between one-column and two-column layouts.

Regardless of your choice, you will be able to choose the signature elements order

Just like other fields, you can choose all the signatures layout from the parent and change a signature layout from that signature itself.

Email Clients

Most of email clients support HTML and CSS. Thanks to that we can use our signatures in emails.

Unfortunatelly, email clients don’t support all CSS styles. Furthermore, every email client supports different CSS subsets.

And not only that, some of them strip out the styles and CSS classes they don’t support and create their own ones.

That’s why we use tables and restrict the use of family fonts and CSS styles.

Supported clients

This plugin has been designed to work for the majority of email clients and has been fully tested on the following ones:

  • Apple Mail
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Mail for Windows
  • Gmail
  • Gmail App (Android, iOS)

How to paste your Signature:

Important notes on email clients

Due to the email clients limitations when it comes to styles, we have create a help guide taking into account some problems we can come across.

Blue links

Links can be turned blue and underlined. Especially in Gmail emails and outgoing Microsoft Outlook emails.

Images not showing in email

Signature images (photo, logo and social icons) might fail to load and be attached to the email instead. Especially when sending or forwading from Gmail App.

Again, this is normal behavior of emaill clients and these issues have nothing to do with DiviSignatures.


Apple Mail: Images not visible when Installing an Email Signature

When installing your email signature, please ensure you untick the box at the bottom of the signature preview window which says “Always match my default message font” as this will turn your email signature into plain text format, instead of keeping the HTML format of the signature.