In order to install this plugin, you must first purchase a membership to Elegant Themes and download the Divi Theme.

This plugin is an extension of DiviMenus, so you must purchase DiviMenus as well.

Once you have purchased Floating DiviMenus at DonDivi you will receive an email with the download link and your license key.

Install your new plugin & Activate your License Key

  • Install the ZIP file into your website and Activate it.
  • Introduce your License Key at DonDivi > Licenses and Activate it.
  • Use the Check License button whenever you want to check the status of your License.


Plugin Settings Page

The Plugin Settings Page helps you to easily add a Floating DiviMenu on your WordPress post and pages.

To access this page, go to the DonDivi menu and click on Floating Divimenus.

In order to add a Floating Divimenus you must set the DiviMenu to display, the destination post and pages and the location.

Floating DiviMenus Admin


First, choose the DiviMenu to float from the Divi Library.

You may want to display different DiviMenus depending on the screen size, that is, different Divimenus on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Use On

Secondly, choose the destination posts where you want to display the the DiviMenu.

The supported destination posts are:

  • Pages 
  • Posts
  • Divi Projects
  • WooCommerce Products
  • Search Results Page
  • 404 Page

This includes posts, categories and archive pages.

For example, you may want to display a DiviMenu either on a specific page, on several pages, on a specific post category, on several categories, on a archive page, on a Divi project post, on a Divi project category, on WooCommerce products, on several WooCommerce categories, etc.

The possibilities are almost endless!


Finally, you need to tell the plugin where to display the Floating DiviMenu.

The Divimenu will be placed automagically on the selected position.

Additional notes on location

You don’t need to set the DiviMenu alignment in the DiviMenus Settings Modal. The plugin handles all the alignment logic behind the scenes so the DiviMenu is positioned correctly.

You may want some spacing. If so, you just need to set the spacing in the DiviMenus Settings Modal. For example, if you have selected the Top left location in the Floating DiviMenus settings page, you can set some top and left spacing.

DiviMenus settings modal

The following screenshot shows the Floating DiviMenu with the 20px custom padding:

Floating DiviMenu top left position

This is the recommended way to add spacing to Floating DiviMenus. If for some reason you prefer to set this spacing via custom CSS, you can style the .dd-floating-divimenu, .dd-floating-divimenu-tablet and .dd-floating-divimenu-phone CSS classes.


This is the metabox that you will find in each post. As mentioned above, you can override the general settings by using it.

For example, you may want to display the Floating DiviMenu in the current post, and you may also want to hide it on mobile devices.

Floating DiviMenus Metabox