Hiding a Floating DiviMenu on Page Scroll

Easily hide your Floating DiviMenu after a page scroll!

Scroll to Hide it!

Scroll to hide the Floating DiviMenu located in the right corner.

In this tutorial we are going to use the new Hide on Page Scroll feature ncluded with Floating DiviMenus to get the same effect on this page.

For that purpose, please reproduce the following steps.

Add a DiviMenu to your Divi Library

Design any DiviMenu or DiviMenu Flex module and save it to your Divi Library.

Adjust its margins to your liking

From DiviMenus > Design > Spacing, you can increase or decrease the margins to leave some space around the Floating DiviMenu and the edges of the screen.

Make your DiviMenu float

From the Floating DiviMenus Settings Page, Choose the Pages and the Location to float your DiviMenu!

Hide it on Page Scroll

The DiviMenu will hide after the page scroll that you have entered (in pixels) in the General Settings or from the Meta Box of a specific page.

In case you don’t want to hide the DiviMenu for a device, do not enter an offset value for that device.

Don’t want to hide the DiviMenu on page scroll? Just leave all these fields empty!

🥳 That’s it!

Get creative to show/hide alerts, bars or notifications created with the DiviMenus or DiviMenus Flex modules!

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